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Created On4/7/2010
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How to import a settings file for the rotator module

Below is a description of how you can import the sample configurations that come with the rotator module. You can apply the same principle on settings files you have created.

The module comes with some sample configurations as seen on our demo page. These configurations can be imported into the rotator module so you can easily set it up. To do this follow the following steps:
1.   Download the sample configurations file from Snowcovered.
2.   Unzip the archive on your computer
3.   Go to the Rotator settings of your rotator module
4.   Click “Import settings file”

5.   Click “Upload new file” and browse to the folder on your computer where you unzipped the configurations and select the one you would like to import. Click “Upload selected file” to upload it to your website. Note: once you have uploaded a configuration you can use it for other instances of the rotator on your site as well without re-uploading it.
With your uploaded file selected click “Import Settings”. The module will now import all the settings from the file. You can make any changes as you see fit. Click “Save” to save the configuration.