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Created On2/4/2010
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How to solve problems with the Content Rotator module's tab menu

The Rotator module uses jQuery tools tabs for the module menu. This is a jQuery based solution that does not work with jQuery 1.2.6, which is the default framework version used by DNN 5. If you are finding the module menu is not working correctly this is probably the reason and you will need to use a newer version of jQuery. Besides the obvious reason regarding the menu we can also recommend using the latest jQuery version due to improved features and speed.

To instruct DNN to use the latest version of the jQuery framework please do the following:
  1. Go to Host > host settings
  2. Expand "JQuery settings"
  3. Check "Use hosted jQuery Version
  4. for "Hosted jQuery Url use the following: ""
  5. Click update to save your settings
DNN will now use version 1.4.0 of the jQuery framework. If in the future you would like to use later releases you can simply use the above mentioned steps  and change the version number to the desired jQuery version.

See more information on jQuery