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Created On1/20/2010
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How can I best create a new skin for the rotator module

The rotator module uses "skins" to easily change the look of the module. A skin consists of a stylesheet file but can also contain image files. Skins are by default saved in the following location: /Desktopmodules/Rotator/Skins/[SKIN] where [SKIN] is the name of your skin.

Existing skins
The rotator module comes with skins included and you are free to use these skins how you see fit. This means you can use them as-is but you can also alter them to your liking. Since the skins are included in the module install package this means they will get overwritten when you install an update for the module. This means it is good practice to copy a skin before you make any changes to it.

How to copy an existing skin
To create a new skin based on an existing skin please do the following:
  • Copy the skin directory and give it a new name. NOTE: the name of the directory will be the name of your skin.
  • Open the new directory and open the "styles.css" file in an editor of your choice.
  • Rename the base class so it uses your skin name. For example: change ".rotator_Default" to ".rotator_mySkin" in case you skin name is "mySkin".
  • Go to the rotator settings and set the skin to your new skin
You now have a copy of the original skin and you can start making changes to it

NOTE: Skin name is case sensitive