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Created On1/13/2010
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How can I upgrade from trial version to licensed version?

When you decide to purchase our content rotator module after you have tried the free trial version you can simply install the purchased version over your free trial version. This will remove the free trial message and make the module ready for use in a production website.

Will I lose my data?
No. All items you may have created using the trial version will remain untouched.

I installed the purchased version but still see the free trial message
As the free trial version has the same version number as the licensed version on some occasions it seems DNN does not overwrite all files when you install the licensed version. If this happens do the following:
  1. Extract the "MexMax.Rotator.dll" file from your purchased module package.
  2. Upload it to the "bin" directory of your website. Choose "yes" if you are asked if you want to overwrite the existing file.
How can I purchase the module?
The module is available on Snowcovered. More information on the rotator module.