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Created On1/12/2010
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The demo skins look different on my site

If the demo skins provided with the content rotator module look different on your website than they look on the demo website one possible cause can be the doctype used on your website. The skins were created for the xhtml transitional doctype. If your site does not use this doctype this could result in issues.

How to set up a doctype for your DNN skin
  • Go to the folder where your DNN skin resides. For example: "/portals/0/skins"
  • Locate you skin file. For example: index.ascx 
  • create a new textfile in this folder and name it index.doctype.xml (replace "index" with the name of your skin)
  • Open the file and paste the following text into it:
    <![CDATA[<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">]]>

Alternatively you can download an example file here, unzip it, rename it and upload it to your skin directory.

What will this do?
Using this doctype will tell your browser which version of html your site is using. This will greatly improve how your website is interpreted by the various internet browsers and will eliminate a lot of the differences you see when viewing your site in different browsers. Please find more information on doctypes here